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The Speak to Sell Series for Startups, Small Business Owners and Sales Professionals

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Learn the secrets to gaining more exposure, selling more products and services to a greater audience in 90 days or less….

A one-day intensive program designed to teach sales professionals the tricks to increasing their sales exponentially and in less time and effort.

Each session cover the following topics and tailored for each audience.

*B2B Appointment setting-Learn the secrets for setting more appointments with prospects without all the rejection.

*Influential Networking-If you’ve ever attended a networking event only to find that all you’ve done is collect business cards, then you’ll want to learn the secrets of Influential Networking. Learn how I build a business by asking 2 simple questions.

*Speak to sell- Whether you’ve considered speaking as a career to sell more products or just want a better way to get in front of more prospects with better results, this workshop is for you.

*Publicity 101- Every business owner or sales professional builds a business based on great PR and name recognition. If no one knows who you are then how can you expect anyone to buy from you? Learn how to get booked on Internet radio shows, and other media outlets and how to turn exposure into revenue.

*Publishing-If you’ve ever thought of publishing a book to bring in more sales, then this segment is for you.

*Sales Strategies- This segment covers everything you need to know about closing more sales faster and with less effort than ever before.

Dates: Each workshop will focus on the needs of a specific industry, however, all are welcome to attend an event that fits your needs and agenda.

February 28th - Insurance, Real Estate, Mortgage Brokers and Financial professionals

April 18th - Small Business (including janitorial, graphic designers etc.) and Start-Ups

June 20th - Speakers (Beginning- advanced)

September 12th - Women Business Owners

Want to exhibit your product/service at the event? No worries. You can lease a table for the day for just $250 per day/person.