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Intelligent Chatbot for WeChat

Talk Abstract:

As one of the biggest social network in the world, WeChat is innovating the way how people acquire the needed information, knowledge and services. In this talk, we will present the chatbot development effort made by WeChat AI team. Both conversational and service oriented bots are covered. We will share our vision, our technology, and some good lessons being learned during building the real-world chatbot products. Especially, we’ll demonstrate how deep learning technologies are managed to overcome some hard natural language understanding problems, e.g. how the fasttext algorithm is tuned to improve the short question understanding, how to better make use of dialog context by using a recurrent neural network, how to diversify the dialog response within the encoder-decoder framework, etc. At the end, we would like to express our enthusiasm to look for experts in AI fields, including but not limited to natural language processing, speech recognition, machine learning, image and video processing, etc., to join our team.

Speaker: Cheng Niu, Principal NLP Engineer, WeChat Team, Tencent. 

Bio:  Cheng Niu has 16 years of experience in natural language processing and machine learning. He has worked in Microsoft Research Asia and BING. Now he works on chatbot development in the WeChat AI team.

6:30-7pm Check in 

7-8pm Talk by Cheng Niu and Q&A

8-8:3pm Networking