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Future of the Drone Industry - SIPA

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Drones have been the mainstay of the defense industry for quite a few years now. Drone technology has rapidly evolved and so have the use cases, especially in the commercial arena. This is an exciting time for the drone industry as it opens a whole new set of opportunities and applications such as logistics, monitoring and recreation.

We have invited two drone experts who will give a talk on this exciting area.

1. State of the Drone Industry by Michael Fertik

  • Current state of the industry

  • Use cases and Applications of Drones

  • State of Drone Technology

  • Current Regulations

  • Where are the Investments

  • Opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups especially in adjacent fields like machine learning, analytics

2. Building your own Drone by Charles Linquist

  • Why do you want to build a drone?

  • Legal - FAA rules

  • Safety

  • Selection of components - motors, propellers, airframes, batteries, flight controllers, ESCs, radios, FPV, wiring.

  • "Back of the napkin" calculations

  • Using available software tools - eCalc

  • Ground-based tools - laptops,video systems, Mission Planner, FatShark goggles.

  • Tools needed.

  • Resources - sources of supply and information.

About Speakers:

Michael Fertik

A seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur. CEO and founder of a stealth mode startup. Formerly CEO and founder of

Charles Linquist

An engineer with over 30 years of experience. Currently CTO of DAWN VME Products, a military sub-contractor. Previously Director of Engineering at several telecom companies. Has built over 20 custom multirotor aircraft, starting in 2011. Currently fly 4 units, all capable of totally autonomous flight. Has flown multirotors to a height of 2 miles and for a distance of 12 miles (outside the USA). BSEE. Iowa State University