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Small Business Empowerment Conference

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This is our big annual conference for small business owners looking to generate more revenue, run their businesses more effectively and make connections with their target audience. We will be inviting small business owners but will also invite representatives from corporations looking to attract small business clients to this year’s event. If you attended the event in 2016 (our second annual event) you know that it was a very positive event. We expect 2017 to be even larger. 

Mon 5/22

9:30-Check in

10am-10:30 Tony Wilkins-Influential Networking and Selling

Learn how to turn everyday networking opportunities into powerful connections that generate revenue-No more card collecting!!

10:30-11 Shannon Presson-How to Untangle What's REALLY Holding You Back...

You dream big, set goals and make plans. But when it's time to take action, things seem to conspire against you - things like procrastination, getting side tracked or feeling overwhelmed.  Every day, you're constantly getting tangled up between what you want and what you actually attract. But it doesn't have to be that way! Join Shannon for this informative talk and learn:

· The two things you MUST do in order to create permanent change

· How to identify what's at the core of your fear so it no longer stops you.

· Explore practices that will expand your creativity and prosperity.

11-11:30 Kimi Avary-3 Keys to Navigating Gender Differences in Your Business

Being in startup mode is filled with excitement, intense focus, and the promise of great reward, but if your professional and personal relationships aren't going well, and you’re not addressing it, you could be slowing down the process or even being completely derailed before you achieve your dreams.

Because your relationships are the foundation of everything you do, it’s essential that you know how to successfully navigate them, especially in challenging times.

People who experience chronic stress from frustration and dissatisfaction tend to have low energy and poor results.

Techcode attendees will learn:

How gender miscommunications get in the way of working together in harmony

Strategies to identify and overcome gender disharmony

How to use the power of curiosity to grow your business

How understanding the people on your team will help you create Super Genius Teams

Techniques to utilize the strengths of the people you surround yourself with

11:30-12 Norma Hollis-Five-Step Marketing for Business Success

If you want a successful business, you need to know marketing. Revenue is generated by effective marketing. Learn the components of the 5-Step Profit Formula and how assessing it in your business can put you on the path to higher levels of success.

12-1 Lunch

1-1:30 Dr. Shira Bush

1:30-2 Amanda Johnsen-3 Ways Fear Is Keeping Your Stuck (And How To Have Unstoppable Success!

2-2:30-Caterina Rando -How to Cultivate Long-term and LifeLong Clients and Contracts

This session will share a few guiding principles to embrace to successfully create a lifetime supply of long-term clients who progress you witness and who’s appreciation you gain. Caterina’s thought-provoking program will show you a clear path to a fulfilling business.

You will discover:

• The equation for building massive influence that many professional miss

• The Fountain Formula that has your clients stay with you long-term

• How to make it very easy for new clients to say yes and get started with you to ensure much success.

Caterina Rando serves women on a mission. She is a business mentor extraordinaire who specializes in showing speakers, coaches and infopreneurs how to thrive with their own trainings, events, group programs and retreats. She is the publisher of Thriving Women in Business Magazine and hosts masterminds, VIP days, summits and an annual luxury retreat for women entrepreneurs.

2:30-3 Sonya Williams-Money Mindset

Mindset is such an important part of success in all areas of your life. Are you ready to learn how to reset your money mindset to create a higher level of abundance and financial prosperity now?

You will learn my top 3 strategies for creating a healthier money mindset and how these strategies can be used in other areas of your life too!

This includes:

·The importance of being clear about what you want to create financially

·How taking the right action supports your success

·Why “going it alone” can actually slow down your progress

3-3:30Sherri Coffelt-5 Keys to Rapid Results in Your Business Start-Up

Small business drives our economy, generating over $8 TRILLION of the US GDP. The problem is 8 out of 10 small businesses FAIL in the first 5 years. Even worse, less than 1 out of 10 EVER generates over $100K in revenue.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Join Results Coach Sherri Coffelt to learn the 5 keys to creating a simple, profitable, service-based business that allows you to share your gifts AND get paid well to do it.

You’ll discover…

The #1 thing you must do before you make any move to start your business

The biggest mistake new entrepreneurs make that keeps them overwhelmed, overworked and oftentimes broke

Why most service-based entrepreneurs struggle to attract the right clients (and the secrets to avoiding these traps)

The one limiting belief that trumps everything else when it comes to growing your business

And More!

If you’re just starting your business, or have been at it for a while and aren’t gaining traction, don’t miss this info-packed session!

3:30-4 Elizabeth Bachman-Three Big Presenting Mistakes that Cost You Sales

You will learn:

• The 3 Biggest Reasons even Smart, Savvy

Presenters Don’t Get the Results they Want

When Presenting

• The 5 “P”s of Star Power Speaking

• How to Ignite your Audience to Take Action and

Beg to Work with You!

4--5 Networking

Tues 5/23

9:30 Check in

10-10:30 Tony Wilkins-How to make money as a speaker

Learn some basic tips for becoming a paid speaker regardless of whether you're a professional speaker or a sales professional

10:30-11 Geneva Fortson-Healthy Eating for Professionals: 3 steps to maximizing energy and vitality to fuel the small business owner!

11-11:30 Richard Bannin

11:30-12 Nicole Wiegreff- Energy Leadership: How to drive great results through effective leadership

We will take an in-depth look at WHY leadership should be your most important priority and how to use it effectively to grow and develop your business. I will break down the energy leadership system first through the two main types of energy (catabolic and anabolic) that impact every organization and how to identify which one is currently running the show (for better or worse). Through the context of this energy breakdown, we will dive a bit deeper and look at the 7 levels of energy that show up on an individual, social and organizational level and give examples of how this hurts or helps your business. Finally, we will look at how to use these resources and tools to create a strong culture of effective and powerful leaders that will sustainably drive successful outcomes for you and your business right now and in the future.

12-1 Lunch

1-1:30 Valerie Haynes Perry-Write a Book about Your Business:

Whether you are writing your first book or have a body of work, you will learn how to create three structural elements that will make it easier to generate your content.

1:30-2 Jos Hanan-“Create the Ultimate Promotion Partnerships”

This is the ADVANCED TRAINING that every High-Powered Connector needs to go from depending on networking groups for referrals to creating the BEST customized network for your business, your personality, and your needs.

Josephine "Jos" Hanan, Marketing Strategist and Connection Expert, is going to share what she's learned over the past decade to master relationship building, generate more leads, and create long-term win-win partnerships.

In this Advanced Training, you will learn:

The PROVEN FORMULA for building and sustaining your ideal Promotion Partnerships

How to generate More REFERRALS, speaking gigs, join ventures, and higher-level introductions from the Promotion Partners you currently have

The BIGGEST Mistakes that 95% of seasoned networkers make

The SECRETS to being promoted the way YOU want to be promoted year-round

2-2:30 Dada Nabhaniilananda

2:30-3 KC Truby-App Accounting

Talk description: Quick background on KC and his 46+ years in the industry, leading into the best practices he's learned, and how that inspired TALK Accounting.

3-5 Networking