Techcode Unicorn Center

Service Platform


Module 1: Fundraising

  • Investment round syndication through Techcode investment network.

  • Connection to CFLD Industrial Fund (for companies that land in CFLD parks).

  • China entity pre-money valuation analysis


Module 2: IPO

  • Direct investment through Techcode Fund and CFLD Tech Fund.

  • Connections to investment banks for IPO underwriting and mezzanine financing.

  • Science & Technology Innovation Board Application Support.


Module 3: Business Development

  • Market Research, client identification services.

  • Pilot/beta testing support with potential clients, distribution support

  • Support for sale or licensing of technology to B2B clients.


Module 4: Legal

  • Entity registration.

  • Analysis of available grants and subsidies.

  • IP protection and commercial contract support (through law firm partners).